Mountain Home Senior Grace Beckham Earns Scholarship to Belmont University


Grace Beckham

Madison Miller, Reporter/Photographer

Sometimes, great accomplishments by students can go unnoticed by the general populace. There are many students at Mountain Home High School that are accomplishing amazing things every day. This particular story, however, is extraordinary because she is so much more than what most people see on the surface. Since we are both seniors, I have known of Grace Beckham practically my entire life. This is mainly because everyone knows her as “The Smart One”. 

However, when I asked Grace, she did not describe herself in that way. She said, “ I would describe myself as someone who loves God more than anything and first and foremost wants to pursue His plan for her.” She went on to say, “I have been able to see that I have a love for music, a need to help people, a desire for knowledge, and a call to chase after Christ.”

Belmont University is a private Christian university in Nashville, Tennessee in which Grace was given a scholarship. The scholarship, titled, “Servant Leader Scholarship” is one full-tuition scholarship for a female Christian freshman majoring in religion who plans to enter a church-related career. Grace said, “It is only available to one girl who declares a major within Belmont’s College of Theology and Christian Ministry and plans to make a career in some form of ministry after college.”

Grace explained to me the “interview process” for this scholarship. She said, Dr. Gwaltney, requested to hold a one-on-one video conference with each student declaring to major under his college’s “umbrella of study.” When I had my conference, yes, Dr. Gwaltney asked me about my academic status and normal college-befitting criteria, but more of the time was spent getting to know more about who I was as a person, why I felt called to Belmont and the state of my heart. I got to share with him all about how I just knew in my heart, from the moment I first stepped on campus, that Belmont was just where God desired me to be.”

Wanting to know why Grace thought she was awarded this scholarship, I asked. Her inspiring response was quote, “Ever since I decided on Belmont, I had this resounding peace within me, a sense of peace in knowing that God would make it happen. (I’m a firm believer in the fact that God is faithful in our obedience.) It is with all of that context in mind that I say this: it is undeniable that I was awarded this scholarship by God’s grace alone.”

When asking Grace about how excited she was, she responded, quote, “on a scale of 1 to 10, my excitement level is sitting at about a 13! I’m not sure that I could be more thrilled.” She goes on to say what she is most excited about, “I’m perhaps most excited to get to immerse myself in the community that’s already been laid before me and begun to form.”

One last thing Grace wanted to say to me was,I am so incredibly thankful for everything and everyone that conspired together to bring me to this point at which I stand today.” From this interview with her, you can tell that Grace’s passion for people, education, and God has the power to influence a million people. That is what makes her so extraordinary.

If you see Grace around school be sure to congratulate her and wish her luck on her Belmont journey.