One of 7.7 billion

About growing world population and why we have to do something about it

Nuria Zysk, writer

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The human population reached it’s first billion during the 1800s, the second one came 130 years after and the 3rd one took 30 years. That is only the tip of the iceberg because 92% of the human population was born after 1949. The fact is, the human population is growing fast and we will reach the 10 billion mark in approximately 2057.

The last 100 years have been very stressful for our planet, with the car industry booming, people producing more trash than our planet can handle and a 4.4 billion growth of human population. Scientists believe that the earth is not able to handle more than 9-10 billion people, so we better do something right now.

The population growth reached a peak in the 1960s, which was due to increased death rates, developing hygiene, medicine and easy food production and transportation.

Especially the population in south-east Asia, which grew to a point where China and India make up 36.2% of the world’s population.

Now, 60 years later the growing rate has been going down by nearly 50%, but we still have a huge problem.

If all countries are as wasteful as America, the earth’s freshwater supplies will be gone within 10 years. All of that water is wasted on electricity, household and irrigations. Us wasting all this water, and it is not only water, means that people in other counties have to pay for it. In some countries people are swimming in trash or dying from dehydration, but we are still sitting in our small perfect world.

So, what happens when we reach the overpopulation mark?

It’s simple, we will run out of water, fossil fuels and destroy our atmosphere. 

All in all, a little change in your life could affect the next generations and the human race, so when you turn on the shower the next time, think about if you can switch out your 20-minute shower for a shorter one.