Under the Wing: Nuria Zysle


Nuria smiling at the fact she is in America.

Jasmine Conner, Reporter/Photographer

“Everything about this place is so much bigger and everyone is so nice.” Stated foreign exchange student Nuria Zysle, at Mountain Home High school. 

After the long 9 years of taking English, the hard work has finally paid off. Flying all the way from Berlin, Germany to Mountain Home, Arkansas. 

“Traveling here is like going from a small town to a big city.” MHHS, Junior, Nuria Zysle, said. 

Although many locals may feel Mountain Home is small, it is huge in comparison to where Nuria is from. As Nuria’s stay continues she starts to realize more about the American culture, for example, she noticed that people in America fake liking people. They will talk nice to a person’s face than talk bad behind their backs. Whereas in Germany a person will make it known if they don’t want to speak to you. 

“The biggest turning point in my life was when I went on a trip with my church.” MHHS, Junior, Nuria Zysle, said. 

Nurias church plays a huge role in her life, guiding her life with moral structure. She is extremely active in her church, volunteering with the children’s ministry.

Along with her love for church, she also has her love for the arts. Nuria way of expressing herself varies. She presents herself with an aesthetic vibe. Having a love for singing, reading, and listening to podcasts, and pretty much anything to do with art. Nuria finds all music amazing but the 80’s genre has her heart. Some of the artists she listens to are a German band named Annenmaykantereit, Queen, and The Beatles.