Under the Wing: Sami Seamans

Makayla Kellem, Reporter

“I’ve learned to enjoy the little things in life.”

From Mountain Home, Sophmore Sami Seamans has experienced an array of social exposure through her family background. Her mother was born and raised in the Czech Republic but her father is from Louisana. Sami and her Freshman brother Tomáš, have grown to appreciate the different cultural elements. From a young age, Sami can remember visiting Czech for months at a time with her family.

As well as Czech, she thoroughly enjoys going on ski trips, Sami has always had a love for winter sports. Spending free time watching Saint Louis Blues’ hockey games is definitely a pastime for her, as well as learning to skate herself. At the age of five, she had a major heart surgery causing her to fall behind other kids physically. This disadvantage has pushed Sami to surpass her limits at all costs. So far she has played track and field, basketball, and soccer for Mountain Home School, keeping in mind to remember her maximum and diminishing her minimum. 

“My doctors told me that it could take a few years to achieve the athletic level of the ‘normal’ kids per se. It was tough. I gained a bit of weight and really struggled to stay active for a while,” Mountain Home High School student Sami Seamans said.

In the future, Sami hopes to become a Cardiothoracic Pediatric Surgeon. All she wants is to contribute work into the world that can genuinely help others. From her experience with surgery, she knows how rough it can be for children to undergo surgery and the harsh after-effects.