Standardized Testing fails American students.

Image taken from Do Standardized Tests Show an Accurate View of Students Abilities (Adobe Stock Image)

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Image taken from Do Standardized Tests Show an Accurate View of Students Abilities (Adobe Stock Image)

Gabriel McDaniel, Reporter/Photographer

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Standardized testing is an utter failure in categorizing and testing students based on their academic worth. This approach is not conducive to the student’s needs and merely tests the students worth in testing under a limited amount of time. These tests are too crude to determine the worth and intelligence of a student; to continue to use them is a foolish endeavor and a willful ignorance of the plain truth.

“Sometimes the most brilliant and intelligent minds do not shine in standardized tests because they do not have standardized minds.”said Diane Ravitch, previous U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education. 

The fact is that standardized testing does not measure your worth academically. Perhaps if the student body had more time to finish and to actually be able to comprehend the questions they could do better on these tests. Unfortunately this is not the case and students have anywhere between forty-five minutes to two hours to finish sections with anywhere between forty to eighty questions and that doesn’t include having to have to read and actually comprehend what you’re reading. For some this is easy and they can breeze through these tests with practice. What about students who can’t though? What about the students who aren’t able to do all that in a small time frame? How is it fair to judge their academic worth on something that the person might not even be able to finish? The simple fact is that it’s not. Everything takes time, and you cannot rush any of the material tested upon. Even literature takes time to comprehend and obviously write. The history of science is a long tested and long studied event of humanity. Nothing can truly be rushed if you want the true results of a person’s worth in their academic abilities.

“Today, in the age of standardized testing, thinking and acting, reason and judgement have been thrown out the window just as teachers are increasingly being deskilled and forced to act as semi-robotic technicians good for little more than teaching for the test.” said Henry Giroux, author, and cultural critic.

These foolish tests have destroyed our education system and enveloped it in a world of robotic learning and testing. Students have to learn based on a national system that is not an encouragement to learn, but an encouragement to fit into a systematic process. This is not learning it is compression of knowledge being shoved into the students mind without care or thought to what the student is successful at and wants from their life. These tests, they have no tangible meaning. They are simply a test of how well as student operates under pressure which is a useful skill that can be taught without deciding if a college will accept you or not. The American College Test and the Scholastic Aptitude Test are falsities that must be done away with so that the student is able to have their education tailored to them and not to a nation. Perhaps then with the right amount of education and desire the student can not just survive, but also thrive. The desire for education could be pursued by those who want a higher education and those who want to enter the workforce could be given a chance at apprenticeship or internship. One thing is certain though; the ACT and SAT tests are false scales of the students ability to comprehend and the students worth not just academically, but intellectually. 

“These tests are too crude to be used, and should be abandoned.” said Frederick J. Kelly, creator of multiple choice tests.