Living the ‘American Dream’

America in the eyes of a foreign exchange student who is on the Bomber Bulletin staff.

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America in the eyes of a foreign exchange student who is on the Bomber Bulletin staff.

Alvaro Poza, Reporter/Photographer

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As a foreign exchange student, I have come from Spain to the U.S. to study for a whole year and most important to learn about the cultural differences between my country and the US. In my opinion, This country is a country totally different from where I am from, I can see this on the way people here talk about their country here and how people talk about their country in Spain. Here you can see how everyone is in love with their country, military, their flag and more, showing this, for example, every morning at school by standing up, looking at their flag and singing their anthem out loud with their hand on their heart, I feel this is an amazing way of keeping the country together and more importantly prevent people hate their country. For example, in Spain, we do not have acts like pegging for the flag in school which I think is one of the main reasons why we have a minority against our country and the way it is governed.

This makes me think about how the U.S. education is different too, in Spain they want us too retain the information and through it up on the test when here they want all students to at least experience different types of learning other than just memorizing words, like making students do community service to graduate which shows students the value of helping someone without wanting something in return, or asking students to at least experience one art class. This lets students experience different works and different types of thinking which opens their minds much more opportunities and decisions they could take in the future. In Spain, they care about your education but they just make it more difficult when they could make it easier and open doors that they could never have thought about to students. I love my country and how it is but I think Spain could learn some things in this country the United States of America.